Joe Lasky - Studios in Barcelona, London & Milan

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Nickelodean - The Grove - Conde Nast Traveller - Getty Images - Knight Frank - Manesko Israel - The Dorchester - Panorama Travel - Oxygen Jungle Villas - Herbalife Europe - Live Events - MTV - Lapa Rios Costa Rica - Blenheim Palace - The Drinks Business - Fira De Barcelona - Pure Gold - D-Light Galleries - LatitudesLife - Costa Navarino Resort - Viacom - Geo Magazine - Palmeraie Golf Palace - Lonely Planet - Absolute Vodka - Queens Club London - Gilev Show band - Convent Begur - Chemistry Events - The Emirates Stadium - Fly Away Bride - UK Home Office - Dar Sabra Morocco - MIA Magazine - Coldwell Banker - Sautter Cigars -Trip Advisor - RAC Club - Travel & Leisure - Pinewood Studios - KandRMedia - Airbnb - The Adventurists - Copia Barcelona - Asian Bride - Crazy Bear - Riad Laaroussa - SFW - Bebecolor - Coco-Mat - PROSKE Group - UN Stills Pictures - Oxygen Group - The Gatsby - Boutique Souk - One Great George Street - Fire - Pura Vida Ecolodge - Conde Nast Bride - Costa Navarino and many more...

Joe is represented by The AOP (The Association of Photographers) & The NUJ (National Union of Journalists) and provides images to professional photo buyers, editorials and Ad companies worldwide via PhotoRag He also works with renowned image licensing partners Getty Images & Alamy as well as smaller more specialized agencies such as Panos, UN Still Pictures, Hutchinson, Arcangel & Gallo Images.

Biography - The 'Shortish' Version

Born London 1979. 18 beautiful years later, University in Birmingham, UK. 5 years later, graduated from BIAD with BA(hons) Visual Communication & BTEC (ND) Design for Media. Went 'traveling' with my first Leica M6 camera (Latin America & beyond). Didn't really want to come back. First 'proper job' in posh fashion/lifestyle studio in Primrose Hill, London. By 2003 had the tools I needed & wanted to set up own photography business. Bounced between analogue & digital photography, editorial & studio locations. Bit by bit established myself in London. More exhibitions, shoots, countless location recces, designers, art directors & clients, some nicer than others. Lots of schlepping, networking & schmoozing. Big budgets & tiny budgets. Set up a new studio in sunny Barcelona. Started Pura Vida Ecolodge 'eco-luxury' retreat in Costa Rica. After many years of working with the big agencies,and unfairly losing exaggerated sales commissions we decided to set up our own agency or 'platform' PhotoRag. Currently working out of both London, Barcelona & Milan studios. My photography in a nutshell - the crossroads of reportage & lifestyle. The experiences & adventures continue...

Biography - The 'Longer' Version - Joe Lasky is a freelance photographer with studios in both London & Barcelona. He graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design with a distinction in Design & Photography, and three years later with first class honours degree in Photography & Visual Communication. His work has been exhibited in Europe & the US as well as in the international press, magazines & editorials worldwide.

His style is often described as reportage with a subtle candid nature. He might take one image in 1/125th second that will last a lifetime. Its this 'decisive moment' that is the key to a photographer like Joe producing an image where everything for one split second has worked together before the world moves on and the instant is over. That's the beauty of this and so many other photographic subjects: the individual can make of it what they will, there really is no set agenda. A lot of Joe's work is Black & White and as Joe said himself, "it has always seemed to me to be the natural medium to use, one that offers a different way of looking at the world, one in which the simplicity and subtlety of shadow and tone triumph over the obvious distractions of colour." Perhaps that's exactly the point: photography is about so much more than a simple rendering of what's in front of the camera. "I want to achieve an interpretation of life, and somehow colour sometimes gets in the way".

That said, the colour element of photography can often be dynamic ingredient that really makes an image. Over the years his passion for discovery has led to a never-ending odyssey around the globe. His thirst for the creative imagery that accompanies new cultures, faces & places is the driving force which takes him from the arboreal cities of the South-American jungles to the spiritual deserts of Northern Africa. "New places always have brought new colours for me, I'm often asked what I like to photograph the most but I'm sure I never give the same answer. Like me, my photography is spontaneous. I like to catch everything from the intricacies of a resting 'campesino' to the animism of a place lost in time. Latin America is one of my favourite places, somewhere that has really tugged at my heart & I am always sad to leave. The warm & passionate locals, vibrant music & colourful lifestyles contrast interestingly with the arduous & often corrupt conditions of the system. I've always seen my photography as a means of portraying this reality."

"To walk down a back street doused in history & culture is a visual education for me. Through my experiences, travel & photography I've learnt that life is ironically paradoxical as, collectively we spend so much time subconsciously categorizing each other when in reality, under our differing disguises, we are all the same."

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